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    cost indication

    The global cost of a band can also be obtained with our contact form

    option explanation

    An option is a totally free booking for about 14 days that can also be extended. In case of another option your reservation still have the first right to be confirmed but will pass at a certain point to another.

    explanation confirmation

    Unlike an option a confirmation is not optional because the artists can’t be booked anymore. If the reservation has been made, the booking is final and working out the details is just a formality. The agreement you eventually will recieve from us contains all information for both parties.

    general booking info

    The bands generally arrive 1 to 1.5 hours before the start of a gig. They will build up and get dressed so everything is ready in good time.

    A gig is standard in half day unless agreed otherwise in advance. That means that after start of action the bands are present for 3,5 to 4 hours.

    Any parking fees will be paid principal and should preferably be settled on the spot.

    Changing room/ food & drinks

    A changing room for the artists with a few seats, some refreshments and water is always greatly appreciated.

    A cup of coffee on arrival (if possible) is often a good time to go through the course of the event together.

    Furthermore, 2 to 3 consumptions per artist per hour is generally a good rule to follow.

    When artists are unable to eat at home, we expect a lunch or hot meal.

    cancel rules of confirmed reservations

    If you need to cancel a confirmed reservation you need to see the the following fees. If you need to move a confirmed reservation to another date we will try to be flexible.

    0 to 6 weeks before the date of the gig, 100% of the gage
    6 tot 12 weeks before the date of the gig, 75% of the gage
    12 tot 18 weeks before the date of the gig, 50% of the gage
    18 weeks or longer before the date of the gig, 25% of the gage

    events insurance

    Organizing an event takes time and money and each vendorhas specific conditions. With short-term events insurance you can insure yourself against financial risks. Check with your insurance company or google at events insurance.