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“music to go”



“Music To Go”

  • Gerd Gorke (GG)  – harmonicas & vocals
  • Frank Konrad        – double bass & vocals
  • Frans Hellemans – guitar & vocals

Gerd Gorke (GG) from Münster is a big name in the world of authentic Bluesharp (harmonica). With his show, qualities and special deep vocals Gerd has won several awards worldwide and has been touring in more than 16 countries for decades. Gerd wanted a new international trio that was not tied by style in order to perform ‘everywhere’. With the experienced musicians Frank Konrad and Frans Hellemans, the very flexible band GG TRIO was born.

The GG TRIO is there for everyone! Swinging, entertaining and infectious. Equipped with bluesharp, guitar, double bass, minimal percussion and also three beautiful vocals. With this, the GG TRIO knows how to turn every party into an unforgettable event. Often minimalistic, mobile acoustic at an opening, garden party, or BBQ, then again on a big square, wedding, company party or any stage.

Old and new classics are played in a original way. The repertoire is recognizable, cheerful, swinging and with surprising musical excursions. Playing rock ‘n roll, blues, golden oldies, hits and schlager. The original presentation and quality transfer to the audience and that the musicians themselves radiate so much fun is also an often heard compliment.

Mobile or stage and preferably without too high volume. The music itself is swinging enough. You often think you hear a bigger band while it is just old-fashioned handiwork by three entertaining musicians with decades of experience with thousands of performances.

:       +49 0175 623 5954


I Can See Clearly Now (test)


All of me – Louis Armstrong
Cherry Pink – Perez Prado
Mit 66 Jahren – Udo Jürgens
Just a gigolo – Louis Prima
Stir it up – Bob Marley
Marina – Rocco Granata
Man müsste Klavier spielen können – J.Heesters
Sweet dreams – Eurythmics
Über den Wolken -Reinhard Mey
Volare – Dean Martin
When you’re smiling – Louis Prima
What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong
…………. enz. etc, usw, and so forth


  • Door Erich ★★★★
    Ja, war wirklich alles bestens, dummerweise habe ich doch keine eurer Visitenkarten behalten. Wie könnte man Euch engagieren oder euch mal wieder sehen und hören. Es gab zumindest Nachfragen, eine Internetadresse, oder mir ein paar Visitenkarten senden.
    Es gab auch schon die Idee, nochmal so ein Gartenfest zu wiederholen. Mal schauen.
    ein Top zufriedener Kunde




T:   +49 0 175 625 954

the Netherlands: 0031 (0) 622 919 022           / 

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